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Gitcoin becomes even more democratic. Quadratic Lands the land of the everybody.

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Here is your Gitcoin token.

$GTC is the native governance token of the Gitcoin network. It can be used to help decide grants disputes, to help us ward off sybil attacks, and much much more. $GTC helps accelerate the flywheel of Gitcoin by rewarding contributors to things that are good for Gitcoin.


For us, Governance means we all are part of something.

Gitcoin was originally incubated by Consensys. We are very thankful to Consensys CEO Joe Lubin for believing in Gitcoin early, but we believe that the future for Gitcoin is community governance. $GTC is the first step in Gitcoin’s progressively decentralizing.

#Quadratic Voting

Nobody can exclude you, you have a voice.

With quadratic voting, whales no longer control the discussion. Quadratic Voting is the mathemetically optimal way to make decisions in a democracy, and each $GTC vote. comes with Quadratic Voting baked in.

#Information Age

Powering Public Goods in the Information Age

Our deep reason for being - Grow/sustain open source - enable anti Sybil in ecosystem, which means more digital democracy! - enable more hackers/businesses to earn tokens (instead of buy them) - enable the internet of jobs.

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Earn your first Tokens.

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